Plague Inc. Russian Nuclear Retaliation Achievement Guide & Walkthrough

This achievement can be unlocked by playing any plague type, even with cheat modes activated. The story behind this achievement is the deep hatred by soon-to-be-elected-by-insane-people President Spalin. The president apparently believes that the plague responsible for killing the entire world was released by Russia. By responding with symptom evolutions on event prompts for this achievement, we are able to not only get Spalin elected but also let her nuke Russia.

Update: Achievement can no longer be unlocked when a cheat mode is active. Necessary updates to this guide will be made soon.

Unlocking this achievement takes a long time. Patience is really required. At some point you might think, "This isn't working" but it will, trust me.

I recommend attempting this achievement while having the Immune Strain activated. As I've already stated, unlocking this will take a long time which means the cure progression will also keep running and you wouldn't want the waiting you did to go to waste. While we're on the subject of recommendations, it is also recommended to attempt this on the Bacteria plague on casual difficulty.

Here are the genes I used to make things a little quicker:
Metabolic Hijack
Genetic Mimic

Make sure to devolve any symptom that mutates and, again, be patient.

  • Start in China
  • Evolve Coughing, Sneezing, Cysts, and Hyper Sensitivity
  • In transmissions, evolve Water and Air 1 and 2 then Extreme Bioaerosol
  • In abilities, evolve Drug Resistance 1 and 2, Heat and Cold Resistance 1 and 2, then Environmental Hardening.
  • Wait until the entire world is infected. (A pop-up saying "there's no more healthy" people appears)
  • Evolve the following symptoms: Inflammation, Seizures, and Fever
From this point onwards is where your patience will be tested. Every pop-up we're waiting for takes a long time to appear.

Wait until this pop-up appears:

USA President taken ill
Evolve the Insanity symptom. Once again, wait until the next pop-up appears.
New President of USA selected
Great! Spalin is now president. Back to waiting for another pop-up
USA threatens Russia
After seeing the pop-up above, evolve Paralysis. Then wait for the final pop-up to appear.
USA nukes Russia
The pop-up above signifies that you've unlocked the achievement, Congratulations! I wonder how nuking another country helps stop an epidemic.

You can choose to finish the game or quit, either way you'll still get the achievement.


  1. It Somehow doesn't work. I used bacteria and it didn't work!

  2. Tried on bacteria, casual, immunity cheat. Russia nuked, achievement not unlocked.

  3. Didn't work on cheat mode - got the nuke, but didn't unlock any achievements. Tried it not on cheat mode, but they cured me before I could get anywhere.

  4. Having the same issue. Cheat mode makes the Nuke happen but no achievement. Without a cheat, the cure gets you every time because it takes too long. I am going to try and spread it faster, will let you know the outcome.....

  5. I got a new phone to play on and thought I would start over on plague inc. Doesn't work in cheat mode anymore. Got her to bomb them but no .

  6. play with a prion and envolve coma asp worked for me on causal

  7. Doesnt work. Patience is a good idea but people find the cure meanwhile.

  8. As other users have noted it does not work with the new update due to the fact that cheats are moved. It may be a glitch but I am uncertain.

  9. Do people realize that if you read the whole page, it says that you can't unlock it with cheat mode anymore?

  10. Just posted a guide that works here: http://plagueinc.wikia.com/wiki/Strategy_guide/Russian_Nuclear_Retaliation
    Feedback welcome.

  11. Your guide worked on my first try after failing twice with the one above. Thank you!

  12. To be fair, "my" guide is an amended version of a guide posted here by katrina for the Plague in Space (with proper credit of course): http://icspicy.blogspot.com/2014/08/plague-incsubmitted-guide-plague-in.html

  13. This didn't get me Russia... but it did get the Plague in Space achievement

  14. The link below works - first go for me it is an adaption of Katrina's and the above - I added in getting coma and devolving the route to it to slow cure and also did all 3 reshuffles cure was at 80% and it was about 3 years and 4 months into the game. I also skipped evolving bio aerosol as only Morocco needed to be infected http://plagueinc.wikia.com/wiki/Strategy_guide/Russian_Nuclear_Retaliation

  15. Is there any reason the cheats wouldn't unlock after completing all main levels? I got the achievements, I got the notification, but nothing is available