300,000 Page Views and Other News!

blogger    Wow! First of all all site has hit 300,000 views! I am very excited about the news and how at the currently rate of growth is increasing. To give you a perspective of how large that is it is around the population of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Currently, are site views are growing by 5,000-8,000 views per day. At the rate we are at we will be growing by 1.825 million per year assuming growth remains constant. (5,000*365) So on to the other things and my thoughts below.

First of all a variety of things are coming to this website soon and I am currently very excited about them.
  • What is Coming Soon
  • Halo 4 Multiplayer Guides
  • Clash of Clan Guides
  • More Game Reviews
  • Continued Plague Inc. Coverage
  • New Game News
  • More from our other editors.
Overall, I am very excited for the news and hope you continue to check up on our site and the like. There are also things we might redo but we may not do it.
  • Smallpox Guide for Plague Inc
  • Black Death Guide for Plague Inc
  • Redo of the Necroa Virus guide which may be merged into the Mega-Brutal Necroa virus guide.
  • And More!
That is all of it for the moment unless something changes. Feel free to suggest something that we can do in the comments below!

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  1. Also, did you know that this blog is a source for the Plague Inc. and the Plague Inc. Evolved wikipedia articles? Also, can I redo the Necroa Mega Brutal strategy, I have a strategy that gets around 500 days 30% on Mega Brutal (450 20% on Brutal)