Shut Down Everything? More like Enslave All Humanity (Mega Brutal 3 Bio Guide)

Humanity Enslaved!

I had been putting the Shut Down Everything Scenario on Mega brutal off for the longest time.  I was scared that it would be hard to get everything when they want to shut down everything for no reason. I figured that with limited transmission that Neurax Worm would solve our problems. After all, Trojan planes will infect the islands for us with no problems.

The main things about this strategy is that we use trans-stasis to ramp up the infectivity, and transcendence to enslave the world. Normally works 250-350 days with a cure from 20-60%, but I've tried this strategy many times on the phone and on the PC and have got 3 Bio-Hazards each time. (only tried once on the phone since I prefer to play on PC)

Gene Setup:
ATP Boost - Allows you to get amazing infectivity right off the bat, which will help you reach the 300-350 day goal we have
Suppression - Because land borders will be shut down left and right, this takes the place of Teracyte so you can be jumping over walls left/right
Trans-Stasis - This is the bread and butter of this strategy, because you are only concerned with infecting people and not killing them you can use and abuse this.
Darwinist - Very useful to help mutate closer to transcendence
Extremophile - It really doesn't matter what you use here, i like this one because is gives bonuses to many climaes types.

Remember to always spend you DNA as it is available to you. It won't do to hoard up, because you will be wasting out on potential infectiveness.
And also it will leave you open for Genetic Drift to screw you over.
1) Before you start evolve:
-Eggs 1 & 2
-Concertia Locomotion & Uldolatery Locomotion
2) Start in India(China also works)
3)Evolve the following transmissions:
-Genetic Swap(You should be able to get this off the Red DNA bubble you get from your country of origin)
-Insect 1
-Bird 1
-Air 1 & Water
-Air 2 & Air 3
-Mutative Regeneration 1 & 2

4)Once your starting country is 100% infected
Trojan Planes 1

As you get planes make sure to send them to the following places to make sure you get everything in time:
Send first plane to Central Africa
Send second plane to South America
Send third plane to Canada
Send fourth Plane to Finland or Sweden
Send Fifth Plane to Central Europe
Send all other planes to Islands/Countries not yet infected

5) Get the rest of your transmissions
-Insect 2
-Bird 2
-Rodent 2
-Water 2 & 3

5)Next we are gonna finish up by getting the rest of the Trojan plane abilities so we can keep sending lots of planes out, and then we'll get some of the resistances to help close out the world a bit faster. There isn't a need to get all of them every time, just see which countries are taking the most time. You probably will just need Cold/Drug Resistance and can ignore heat.
-Trojan Planes 2 & 3
-Cold Resistance 1
-Trojan Roamers 1 (optional)
-Drug Resistance 1 & 2
-Trojan Roamers 2 (optional)
-Cold Resistance 2

6) At this point you probably have the whole world nearly infected, work the closest path you mutated to it I'll list out the possibilities below
-Neural Breach
-Adreneic Constriction
-Anixolyic Infusion


-Cerebral Tendrils
- Frontal Mesh *only take this path if you have randomly mutated up to this point*
7) at this point if you haven't won you are just sending planes to places that haven't reached 100% yet.

8) Congratz you earned: Complete Shut Down Everything


  1. Ariel Iván AguayoJuly 16, 2014 at 8:32 AM

    Thank you very much. Worked great! ^^

  2. Great walkthrough. Notice the level up to 14.

  3. Your Neurax strategy for scenarios is AWESOME. Woo dat spicy! Keep up the great work.

  4. unfortunately this doesnt work anymore for the new neurax update, because the cure development will be muuuuuch faster

  5. ok, it worked out for me with genetic mimic instead of darwinist and developing genetic hardening 1&2. i was lucky to have transcendence mutated and won with a cure development of about 75%. thanks for the guide, ill try this out with pirate plague as well ;)

  6. I managed to get this, even despite the Neurax's new ungodly cure-rate, though I would advise picking up the early cheap symptoms with points, so the game can mutate more beneficial stuff. Also, get the stuff on the lower left hand symptom tree early to keep severity down.

  7. I'm glad this is still working for people. When I get a chance I'll update this guide to reflect the changes made to the cure rate(the nerf was totally deserved this plague was too easy).

  8. Yavor Simeonov aka Dr BulgariaMarch 5, 2015 at 5:16 PM

    This one works pretty well unfotunately for the Mr President achievement we will need guides for all the regular plaques (I managed to score 3 Bios on both normal brutal and mega-Burtal with Neurax and Necroa and 3 on normal with Simian. But this is where my luck ended.)

  9. it worked pretty well, 3 biohazard, 330days, cure 81%, score 77429. i prefer doing obsession path and then trancendence

  10. Andrea C. PrandoJune 30, 2015 at 9:22 PM

    I got 3 biohazard follwing partially this guide. I just evolved the symptoms much earlier and got all the transmissions.

  11. this seems like a really good idea, my neurax just evolved only cheap stuff, and it was damn close but they cured me just when i got trancendance...