New Plague Inc Plague Revealed?


A new trailer and the link suggests that the new plague that is coming to the game Plague Inc may be connected to the new movie Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. It may have to do something about the "Simian Flu" also known as ALZ-113 in the original movie of the new 2011 reboot called Rise of the Planet of the Apes. In case you did not watch the movie and want to watch it stop now as spoilers will be discussed in the article and the comment section.

   In the new movie trailer which you can watch above for the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes at the end there is a Plague Inc "advertisement" that says create your own plague. This may be related to making your own Simian Flu in the game Plague Inc as it would not make any sense to show it unless they are teasing a new plague coming out. Also if you click the link it shows the redirect being fox.co/ApesPlagueGame which also suggests it being a version of the simian flu.

"The Dawn of a New Plague Type"

In the last tweet he called it the Dawn of a New Plague Type which is a pun of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. This may be a crossover between Plague Inc. and the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

   In case you are not sure what simian flu is in the new reboot of the Planet of the Apes franchise it is a contagious "cure" that was developed by Dr.Will Rodman who is the main character in the story. in which is a "refined" version of the earlier ALZ-112 virus. Both ALZ-112 and ALZ-113 where both treated to cure brain ailments. In the movie ALZ-113 escapes from the lab and is revealed to be contagious to the general population. Eventually it causes in between the events of Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes the near collapse of human civilization. In the movie ALZ-112 and ALZ-113 both give apes intelligence comparable to humans but it also is extremely deadly in humans in which only 1 out of 10 humans who are infected survive. It also most likely was named the simian flu due to the fact that it made ape intelligence comparable to humans.

Ceasar looking after ALZ-113 before he released it into the ape population
   In the universe the plague started in 2018 (simianflu.com recons this to 2011) in which patient zero Robert Franklin was infected due to a lab incident in which he gets exposed to the virus. He eventually passes it on to Douglas Hunsiker and as he is an airplane pilot the virus spreads around the world.

We know that it spreads by these methods

  • Airborne
  • Direct Contact
  • Indirect Contact

Symptoms of Simian Flu in humans within 48 hours are as follows.
  • Extreme Headache
  • Sore Throat 
  • Fever
  • Weakness
  • Joint Pain
Within 98 hours the following symptoms in human infections are as follows.
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Red Eyes
  • Coughing
  • Chest Pain
  • Raised Rash
 Within a period of a week the following symptoms begin to emerge in humans.
  • Severe Weight Loss
  • Bleeding Nose
  • Bleeding Eyes
  • Bleeding Mouth
  • Stomach Pain

It usually will then kill the human. The fatality rate is around 90%.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Simian Flu Picture Showing Fatality Rate

    The following is the order in which the virus spreads according to simianflu.com although it is possible that the site is non-canon. It also says that PLEASE NOTE: the above is a scientific projection and not actual event. That makes it possible that it did not really happen but I will include it anyway.

2011: San Francisco

First cases of symptoms

2012: Calcutta Patient X

Pilot Mark Rowan is first fatality. (Pilot Mark Rowan is the FIRST KNOWN FATALITY as ROBERT FRANKLIN WAS THE ACTUAL FIRST HUMAN TO DIE OF SIMIAN FLU according to Rise of the Planet of the Apes)

2013: London Outbreak

Heathrow detainment of suspected infected.

2014: John F Kennedy Airport Lockdown

Extreme Health Screening

2015: Outbreak in Seoul

Business Conference Mass Illness

2016: European Spread

From London, virus crosses Schengen borders.

2017: Baltic Protest

Demonstrations on government medical practices.

2018: Mass Deaths in the Middle East

Third World struggles to contain spread.

2019: America Stricken

Virus spreads from west to east coast.

2020: Russia Reports Spread

 Russian Causualties in the Millions

From the news reports and the map we can see a couple odd things most of them having to do about time.
  1. Why did it take from 2011-2019 to get all of America infected if most flus can spread easily in under 3 months?
  2. Why would it take that 9 years to spread around the globe? 
  3. Why did the Simian Flu take 3 years to spread from London to Europe?
  4. Why is the dates different from the movie?
  5. Why did Russia seem to not be majorly infected on the map?

Plague Inc Logo

This raises some questions for Plague Inc.
  1. Will it take that long to spread in the game
  2. Will we start out with symptoms such as in scenarios
  3. Is there a symptom that gains apes intelligence at the end of the game
  4. Will this be similar to the zombies crossed with the neurax worm in which you have to infect everyone and then it will shift into warfare mode?
  5. Will this be free? 
   This raises many more questions also that I will not get into. In all this seems like a pretty exciting idea for a Plague type compared to my least favorite plagues the parasite and virus due to them being too similar to the bacteria plague type. The rest of the special plagues have been my favorite plagues in the entire game so I am pretty excited with this and where the team of Ndemic Creations is taking Plague Inc.

   What do you hope will be added as part of the possible new Planet of the Apes Plague? Feel free to add your thoughts in the comments below about the new likely plague type and how it will effect Plague Inc.


  1. Plague inc tipsandhint:(virus)June 23, 2014 at 11:26 PM

    To do is aborne reshuffle 1 heat 1 then symtoms twihtcyness hyptonsenm

  2. Plague inc tipsandhint:(virus)June 23, 2014 at 11:29 PM

    Evolve coma extreme coughing (which kills) hypoxea

  3. Plague inc tipsandhintsJune 23, 2014 at 11:40 PM

    Brain reshuffle 1 infect the world blindness and you win PS I have NAZG guide

  4. I think you have this posted on the wrong page. This is mainly just for the new plague type discussion and your thoughts.

  5. Well it turns out I was right!

  6. I beat all plagues on brutal do i have to do it again to unlock the simian flu for free?

  7. No I do not think so? It unlocked for me on the Iphone.

  8. For the Iphone I think so? It should unlocked?

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