Why the Heavies Halo 4 mode has to change


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The new heavies Halo 4 mode is both my favorite and my least favorite Halo 4 gamemode at the exact same time. The problem I am having with the heavies gametype is "friendly fire". If you have no idea what the Heavies gametype or friendly fire is. Well, the Heavies gametype is just like a civil war where you have two teams and you have to kill each other but with "Heavies" Halo 4 machines. This is fun and causes exciting games in theory which it does no less. A major side effect of this is friendly fire in which you can kill your teams players which is both annoying if you are on a major kill streak and cause you to get kicked and lose your progress if you accidently kill a player on your team. (They almost always kick it seems) While friendly fire is supposed to add depth by making you try to avoid your team, a major problem in Halo 4 is if you kill someone they always think it is on purpose and will kick. While usually in most gamesmodes of Halo 4 this is a minor annoyance which is extremely rare. A problem is it is becoming extremely common to get kicked in Heavies gamemode due to the inaccuracy of wraiths which causes lots of accidents of firing at people trying to take down the other tank which causes the server to label it a betrayal which then causes you to get kicked. Other players are reporting this problem and it is running rampant and ruining the game for players. In fact here a good way I could describe it. The rant in slanted was posted by Gnerd Hunter you can find the orignal quote here.

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I'd suggest Heavies is a mode meant for fun. 
It's not about domination or massive "skillz" as much as just trying out the various vehicles and weapons and just, well, blowing stuff up. Should be fun.

Can someone please shut off the team damage in Heavies playlist so it's fun again? How idiotic is it to give every large vehicle and heavy weapon in a game mode, then make it impossible to use them without a constant risk of getting booted?

Exile game, jump in the wraith at the game's start. Teammate decides either that he wants it, or he's going to be an idiot and continue grenading and shooting until I'm either near death, jump out or die. I decide to just drive off, he literally runs to get in front and I wind up running him over by accident (Wraiths don't stop well).

Ragnarok game, again a Wraith. From the base, I see a group of enemies in the middle high ground hiding in the rocks. Fire a long shot (hang time roughly 8 seconds), dead on target. Half way there, the enemies vacate, and a teammate runs in. Naturally, it lands right on him, he dies.

Ragnarok game, this time a Scorpion. From behind, a Ghost starts shooting at me. I turn (slowly, as they do) and see him, fire a shot. It flips the Ghost instead of destroying it, and as it rolls it hits a teammate, killing him.

Vortex game, starting with a Warthog gunner and no driver. Teammate grenaded me. I die, no boot (not a guest). Spawn, jump in a Mantis; Spartan laser, same guy, no boot option. Spawn, jump in a nearby Ghost; grenaded by the same player, no boot option. Spawn, jump in a Wraith; grenaded, nearly wrecked the vehicle, turn, see it's the same guy (who apparently has nothing better to do than kill me). Mad now, I fire at him and he dies.
Instantly booted. Can't say I didn't earn that one, but felt it was justified.

Exile game (and this is my favorite), again a wraith. I'm in the Blue spawn area, just got in. I move sideways into the corner, *not one teammate nearby*. I inexplicably explode (no visible shot, no enemies in sight, radar clear...and the announcer says I betrayed someone. By exploding without reason, and no one anywhere near (unless they'd *just* spawned. I hadn't shot, I'd stopped moving so didn't run anyone over. That one, I have no clue about. Cheat? Broken server response?

These are not intentional (except that Vortex one). They're not even me being careless, it's either someone deliberately griefing or just in the wrong place and so on.

How about it, 343, you've already made many of these rounds incredibly silly with flags and KOTH (not everyone loves that sort of game mode, and it's often 3/3 in a round)...how about shutting off team damage and make them playable?
Gnerd Herder (Halo 4 Waypoint User)
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As Gnerd Herder and other Halo 4 users are pointing out that friendly fire needs to be turned off. So far according to my knowledge 343 Industries has done nothing to fix this or respond. We and other Halo 4 fans hope that 343 Industries will fix this massive flaw in the heavies gametype as it is currently ruining the fun of the game. 343 Industries (Halo 4 owner) needs to fix this problem as soon as they can.


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