Plague Inc. Airplane and Ship Paths

Ever wondered where a plane or ship from one country goes(in Plague Inc.)? I did. So I took a screenshot and listed down where ships and planes go from one country to another. I also wanted to have a basis on which faraway countries I'm more likely to infect from my origin country.

Before the list of countries with plane and ship paths, I think it's necessary for me to explain to you how I came up with these paths.

  1. I always use the Bacteria plague
  2. The Turbo Strain cheat mode is always activated. The origin country is always fully infected and it's easier to see path a plane or ship took.
  3. Always on mega-brutal difficulty to ensure that other countries won't get fully infected and make a red path on their own.
  4. Screenshots were taken approximately one year after infection
That's about it I think. So without further ado, the list of countries and their airplane and ship paths.(If a country has an airport or a harbor, they will be listed here.)

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