Plague Inc. I Never Asked For This Achievement Guide & Walkthrough

The "I never asked for this" achievement is one of the many that can be unlocked while playing the artificial organs scenario. To get this achievement, you must be able to trigger a certain pop-up saying something like (not entirely sure about this) "Patient experiences hemorrhoids". I'm not really sure about the pop-up since I was unable to take a screenshot or force it to appear just yet. This achievement can only be unlocked without the use of cheat modes.

There is a chance, though, that you have already unlocked this achievement while following these artificial organ scenario guides. A certain pop-up, much like the "patients rips out organs", should appear in order to unlock this achievement. Upon further testing and experimenting, I am still unable to force it to appear. If you've managed to force the pop-up to appear and managed to take a screenshot, please send it to us so we can update this guide.

Image submitted by Dolf-Wagon190
The pop-up above will signify the successful unlocking of the achievement.

Here's a list of guides that have been submitted and/or made for this achievement.
Submitted Guides:

Guide by x-dragos:
Spicy's comments: I have failed to get the pop-up to appear with this, but you guys might be able to get the achievement.
figured out "I never asked for this"
this is what i have done ... 2/2 times it worked. havent tryed with all plagues or anything.

first - achiv awarded only if NO cheat is enabled

started with bacteria : genes irelevant .. random

got air 1 water 1

then .. important .. simptopms that i read on wiki

nausea - vomiting - diharea(Diarrhoea)
rash - sweting(Sweating)
cysts - hyper sensitiviy - inflamation
insomnia - paranoia
blood simptoms .. anemia up to internal bleading(Internal Hemorrhaging)

DEVOLVE anything that pops
AND DONT get disentery or hemoragic shock.

after getting this simptoms i got the popup about organs saving lives.
wait and keep devolving ... and u will eventually get the aciv

i also took (during the last waiting phase)

antibiotics 1 and 2(Drug Resistance 1 and 2) , cold 2 , heat 2 and enviro hardening. dont know if these have anything to do with the achiv .. but had alot of points soo ...

If you have any tips and or other strategies for this achievement, please send them to us. Again, a pop-up much like "patients rips out organs" should appear for this achievement to be unlocked. Updates will be made as soon as a good strategy is found.


  1. I followed x-dragos' guide and got it on my second try however it was very near the bitter end so it isn't a sure force but it is something at least.

  2. Got it! Followed this to a 'T'. Took me a 2nd time, this is a random pop-up. To clarify, this has nothing to do with the pop-up "Patients rip out organs", which I've gotten several times in the past.

  3. Followed this guide, and as far as I could tell, this popup is the only one I got and that gave me the achievement. Took 3 tries following this guide.
    Also got these in the clicker, although I don't know if they have anything to do with the achievement.

  4. Also these are the popups and clickers I saw

  5. Thank you for posting these images! I'll include them with this guide.

  6. Just got it on normal difficulty with parasite.

    I took more symptoms than advised: total organ failure, pulmonary oedema and fibrosis, paralysis, coma, disentery. So I guess it's not blocked by additional symptoms, just don't take insanity.

    My thoughts:

    Achievement can be triggered by a small chance in any moment
    after you get "New batch of artificial organs recieved" message.
    Getting the message is the key, as it is fortune based and rare too. It
    took 4 runs just for the message to show up. To get the message, you
    need symptoms that damage organs: Internal hemorraging, pulmonary fibrosis, diarrhoea, organ failure. At least one of them, i think. May be the more the better, may be it doesn't matters, don't know.

    After getting the message all you need is some luck, so pick genetic mimic at the start, turn on gene hardening 1/2, and wait, using reshuffles to win a bit more time.

  7. Hi, first, thanks to your walkthrough. and i have little english. So, please understand my broken language. What i know this achivement is, first let the world produce the artificial organ. And second make the lethality higher.(for example, total organ failure) than people replace organ to artificial organ. and wait until lethality down nearly low, than go insanity. And patient who have artificial organ are going to break their organ themselves. That is my walkthrough. I guess someone already know this way, but i wish to help a little. Good luck.
    to break their organ themselves. That's my tip. I think someone is

  8. Ariel Iván AguayoJuly 19, 2014 at 10:20 AM

    I played on bio-weapon to see if that lethality helps get the new shipments of organs. It seems too; I got the news several times. But no achievement, how sad. ;-;

  9. Ariel Iván AguayoJuly 22, 2014 at 1:54 PM

    I have played so many games and haven't gotten it. However, I twice got the CDC to look for Patient Zero! We may have accidentally found a great strategy for that very elusive Patient Who? achievement.

  10. Could you write a complete guide for Patient Who?

  11. Took awhile to get posted, but here it is!


  12. I got this by following x-dragos's guide on the first try. Thank you very much :)

  13. Worst guide have i ever seen

  14. i followed the guide but for one thing i waited until the artificial organs are saving lives pop up before evolving blood simptoms .. anemia up to internal bleading(Internal Hemorrhaging) then i do the other stuff the guide says and just wait

  15. I also got a pop-up saying that there were malfunctions of arti-organs in germany which is kinda weird since it did not trigger anything important but anyway I still haven't got the achievement through this guide since no pace to start is mentioned or the use of genes.....

  16. it's possible but as advise infect all people first.
    start in china (Balanced climate)
    an devolve all excepts list above.
    also genes recomended cataly switch, aquacyte, translesion +, genetic mimic and extremophile.
    This archivement takes time.
    but when all people are infected the deathrow goes way faster.
    also evolve all stuff to slow down cure when needed