Plague Inc. Scenario: Artificial Organs Mega-Brutal (3 Biohazards) Guide & Walkthrough

Artificial Organs is one of the latest scenarios released by Ndemic Creations for their game Plague Inc. In this scenario, everyone in the world has gone and replaced their organs with artificial ones. People think that this advancement in medical technology is a step toward immortality. Killing people with artificial organs will be much harder because they can always replace them when damaged. If you haven't noticed yet, you'll get a prompt saying factories are working overtime to make artificial organs to replace those infected by our plague. This scenario can be finished by every basic plague available, I'll provide a guide for each one.

Artificial Organ scenario can be completed by beating the scenario in one of the seven basic plague type this excludes Necroa Virus and Neurax Worm(which are considered to be special plagues). For the sake of completion, I will provide a guide to achieve 3 Biohazards with every plague possible.

One particular thing you need to know about this scenario is that once a plague becomes lethal, the world will almost immediately replace damaged organs. A like this should appear.
Right after this prompt your plague's lethality will be reduced significantly. To counter this you'll need to evolve the Insanity symptom but you need to wait awhile or until most of the world is infected. In my experience, letting the plague sit around with reduced lethality for a while then evolving Insanity does the trick. A pop-up also appears letting you know that you've successfully countered the Artificial Organ Replacements.

After this pop-up appears, you'll now be able to evolve lethal symptoms without worrying about the lethality being reduced. In case you're wondering, 'Hi shin' is the name of my plague.

I've listed all the guides I've made with every possible plague available in the Artificial Organs scenario. You are only required to finish one to achieve a 3 biohazard score for the scenario, but if you're a completionist like me you'll probably want to finish each one.

List of Plagues:

  • May 17, 2014 - Bio-Weapon Guide added. Guides for scenario complete
  • May 16, 2014 - Prion and Nano-Virus Guide added
  • May 15, 2014 - Added Parasite Guide.
  • May 8, 2014 - Added a Guide on Fungus. Parasite guide in the works.
  • May 6, 2014 - Still working on Fungus Guide. Added images for scenario pop-ups. Added a Bacteria mega-brutal guide.


  1. Thank you for those guides!

  2. How o you get the "I never asked for this: Feel the negative side of artificial organs" achievement?

  3. http://icspicy.blogspot.com/2014/06/plague-inc-i-never-asked-for-this.html

    Although the strategy included there is submitted and hasn't been tested yet, it's definitely worth checking out.

    Personally, I haven't been able to experiment with strategies for that achievement since I was able to unlock it by experimenting with the Artificial Organs Scenario. All I know is you need to get a pop-up that says something like "patient gets hemorrhoids"(not sure of this);You'll need to get the "Artificial Organs Saves Lives" pop-up first.

  4. Awesome, it worked! Followed it to a 'T'. Took me a 2nd time, this is a random pop-up. To clarify, this has nothing to do with the pop-up "Patients rip out organs", which I've gotten several times in the past.

  5. Nope, Insanity doesn't work for me. Tried ten times, evolving it sooner or later, never got the 'rip out' pop up at all. So the cure gets me every time :(

  6. You have to have the Hyper sensitivity and insanity for it to pop up... no matter which plague type your using