Why Bioshock is one of the best games of all time

Pictured Above: A Big Daddy (Left) and a Little Sister (Right)
Warning this post contains massive spoilers. Do not read if you have not played Bioshock (2007 game) and do yourself a favor and buy it now and come back later and you will not be sorry.

You have spent 8 hours so far exploring rapture. 

You have been guided by Altas for most of the game.

 Andrew Ryan has killed Altas's family Patrick and Moria.

The Objectivist Andrew Ryan has killed them in cold blood.
 You go to Arcadia and again destruction follows you. Julie Langford is Dead. Killed again by the man who you want to kill so bad and as fast as possible.

  You meet the crazy Sander Cohen
You head to Hephasestus 
You go to Andrew Ryan's office 
You notice this on the wall.....
You have noticed that Altas has said this all through the game but have thought it was just a simple quirk of his speech. Then this happens.....

Andrew Ryan calls you his son. He tells you to sit and run and do other commands.
Then you realize with horror what the simple phrase would you kindly meant.
You have been mind controlled by "Altas" the entire game doing a series of tasks such as killing mass amounts of splicers just to help Altas kill Andrew Ryan and you never questioned WHY you just DID. You never questioned Altas when he told you to kill someone you just did such as Andrew Ryan or to inject drugs (Plasmids) into your body. In fact he never even told you to do it you just did. You didn't harvest little sisters (Depends on how you play game) because you were forced to in fact you realize you did actually have a choice in the matter but a good amount of people harvested them anyway. You hear Altas's "Irish" voice turn into a Broux Accent. Then Altas finally shows who he is.....
Frank Fontaine

   You look among on horror you didn't see it coming. You realize that "Patrick and Moira" never really existed it was a production made by the insane Sander Cohen. You realize that Would you Kindly was a Mind Control Phrase. I could keep going on how it was done and the like. (If you finished the game you should have a pretty good idea) The point is it isn't just fooling Jack (Your Character) but it is also fooling you. In linear games as other reviewers of the game have noted you just don't listen to the suggestions but you are forced to do the suggestions to progress in the game. 
   That makes Bioshock a wonderful parody and critque of linear gameplay and political objectivism by Ayn Rand. These two facts and the realistic characters makes Bioshock one of the best games of all time. I could go on about how good the game is but I think you get an idea. Although there were minor issues it dwarfs to the best parts of the game and that makes Bioshock one of the greatest games of all time. This nets Bioshock a....



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