Plague Inc: Cool Fan Art Made by the User Chicken Wing

blogger    I just stumbled upon these on the forums of Ndemic Creation and found a cool post that shows fan art that fans have made and I have to say I am pretty impressed. Check it out below!
   I sorted the pictures out from the worst drawings(in my opinion) to the best drawings made by the Ndemic Creations user Chicken Wings. The digital virus and crystaline blight concepts themselves were thought up by Tau1996. The neurax worm drawing and the necroa virus were both found in the game already and were not made at all in general.
First of all and in my opinion the worst is the necroa virus fan art. In my opinion it seems a little sloppy but it is not terrible.

Necroa Virus Fan Art
   Next lets go with the digital virus Tau1996 thought up of. I think it is a very interesting idea but I would not know how this would work in a game mainly about biological organisms. As in I would not know how a digital virus would gain sentience to wipe-out the human race or the reason to do so but I think the design and the disease idea itself in general is pretty interesting and some cool to look it.

Digital Virus Concept Art. Original concept made by Ndemic Creations User Tau1996

   The second best posted so far is the drawing of the neurax worm that was drawn by him. I loved the detail where he showed the "spikes" of the neurax worm. Still the best part is the tendrils of the neurax worm which I thought was pretty amazing for fan art.

Neurax Worm Fan Art by Chicken Wings

   Lastly, and the best is the suggest plague idea art that is called the Crystaline Blight. I loved how it show cased the transformation of the human hosts during the painting and made it a very well thought out drawing that stood out from the others.

Crystaline Blight Fan Art by Chicken Wings
Any fan art that you want to share with us? Feel free to comment on the Ndemic Creations forums that can be found by clicking here if you do not know where the URL location is. I would like to say keep the fan art coming as it is pretty awesome to look at with everyone! So keep it coming!

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