Plague Inc. Unknown Origin: Neurax Worm Mega-Brutal(3 Biohazard) Guide

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All Hail the Worm! One of the most entertaining plagues available. If you happen to have tried the strategy we used here. You'll know why you should bow down to the worm.

Transcendence has got to be the one of the most awesome plague-unique abilities we have right now--next to my all time favorite, Unlock Annihilation Gene. It's awesome because it totally removes the need to kill people(Yey pacifists?). Instead, humanity treats the parasitic brain-worm as their god and totally forgets everything else.

Using the transcendence strategy has got to be the best way to easily conquer the Neurax Worm plague type. All you have to do is infect the entire world then evolve the symptom and you're done--you could even evolve it sooner just to stop the cure from progressing.

Spicy's Strategy

The main key to the whole strategy we're using here is Transcendence. Basically, all we need to do is infect the world fast, then enslave the human race. Simple, right?

This strategy works for most countries, as long as their not rich this strategy should work. For the last 3 games I had, this strategy worked for Zimbabwe, China, and my home country, the Philippines. Stats for these games are as follows:

Usage of Trojan Planes

To be able to spread the worm quickly, we have to make full use of the first few trojan planes that pop-up. We'll want to infect each content as soon as possible, then move on to uninfected countries. To make it simpler, I've listed down the countries we'll need to infect with the first few planes, these are listed down by priority(Top being the one you want to infect first):
  • Greenland
  • Iceland
  • Canada
  • South Africa or Morocco
  • Caribbean
  • Madagascar
  • Uninfected countries
The reason you want to infect Greenland first is because it's extremely hard to infect via ships, and by infecting it earlier we'll be able to infect the European cluster countries easier. The same goes for South Africa, its continent comprises of many countries.

Gene Setup:

  • ATP Boost - can't go wrong with early DNA points, right?
  • Native Biome - we'll want to fully infect our pre-selected country as soon as possible so we can send the first trojan worm
  • Trans-Stasis - this strategy will make full use of transmissions at the early stage of the game
  • Darwinist - you could opt to use Genetic Mimic, but we're bad ass worm handlers, we ain't afraid of no cure.
  • Extremophile - minor bonus in every climate, it's perfect for almost everything.

Let's begin!

1.) Before a country is selected, evolve the following.
  • Concertina Locomotion
  • Undulatory Locomotion
  • Eggs 1 & 2

2.) If you're started in a rich country, it'd be better to just restart. Infection rates are extremely slow at rich countries and we really do not want that. If you're happy with where you're started, continue by evolving the following:
  • Water 1 then Air 1
  • Water 2 then Air 2
  • Water 3 then Air 3
  • Cold Resistance 1 then Drug Resistance 1
  • Cold Resistance 2 then Drug Resistance 2
  • Bird 1 & 2
  • Insect 1 & 2

3.) Remember to send trojan planes to Greenland and Iceland first, followed by sending them to one country in North American continent(Canada) then one country in the African Continent(South Africa or Morocco), succeeding planes should be sent to island countries followed by the remaining uninfected countries.

4.) Now we move on to symptoms, evolve the following:
  • Neural Breach
  • Cerebral Tendrils
  • Adrenergic Constriction
  • Anxiolytic Infusion
  • Psychosis
  • Adoration
  • Devotion
It's perfectly acceptable to evolve Transcendence right after devotion, or you could wait for the entire world to be infected. Either way works.

5.) If you chose to evolve Transcendence right away, all you have to do now is to wait for the worm to enslave humanity. Your remaining DNA should be used for Genetic Re-Shuffles.

If you chose to wait for the infection of the entire world, once you get the pop-up evolve Transcendence immediately. Extra DNA should be put towards the evolution of Genetic Re-Shuffles.

There you have it. Humanity has bowed down to the almighty worm. Thanks for reading this guide and I hope it has helped you get 3 biohazards for Neurax worm in the Unknown Origin scenario.

If you guys have any tips or other strategies you'd like to share, post them at the comments below or send them directly to us via our submit section. HSG! and Happy 4th of July!


  1. so we evolve trojan planes on nr 3 or before?

  2. this didn't work at all, i tried 10 times, and the cure got me every time. maybe im just unlucky

  3. Hey there!

    You're not unlucky, this guide is just out-dated. After the mutation 10 update, Neurax worm now requires you to evolve trojan planes for them to appear, which was not the case back then--they just automatically pop-up even without the ability.