Plague Inc: Simian Flu Update and Observations

blogger As most of your know by know the new simian flu update (Mutation 1.9) has been released for Plague Inc. I am still working on a mega-brutal guide for it, but I have made observations for both our fans and our staff about the new simian flu plague type.

  • The Simian Flu has two special genetic code slots. They are called Artificial Genes and Ape Genes.
  • The list of artifical genes are the following, cortisol sensitivity, latent catalyst, ion deficit, ion surge, and the gene ATP overdose
  • The list of ape genes are the following genes. They are viral affinity, call of the wild, together strong, leadership, adrenal surge.
  • The Simian Flu mutates rapidly and devolving it wastes DNA points.
  • Simian Flu has combos that are only found with itself. It seems that there is no achievement for unlocking them at the moment.
  • Ion Deficit and ATP overdose for the artifical genes have strong potential. As well as the viral affinity, together strong, and adrenal surge for the ape genes.
  • Without evolving apes on mega-brutal difficulty winning the game with the special plague type simian flu is almost impossible or even impossible it seems without using cheats.
  • That being said apes do not actually attack humans unlike what users were suggesting nor do they turn humans into apes. Although, they do attack research labs and I think some humans die from the attack. They can also cross-infect humans. (Given the right transmission)
  • Gen-Sys on Mega-Brutal has RAPID CURE PROGRESS. Only Smallpox has faster cure speed to my knowledge. 
  • That being said, at the start of the game when you see this pop-up that reads...
Headline: <Disease Name> escaped from Gen-Sys lab
Pop-Up Description: Gen-Sys reveals that <disease name> escaped from their lab in <given country> and pledges to cure it. The lab will use existing research and ape test subjects to rapidly develop cure. 
 The only way to slow it at the start is by evolving the ability simian neuro-genesis. This will trigger another pop-up that reads.

Headline: NEWSFLASH- Ape Escape in <Country Name>
Pop-up description: A group of apes have broken out of a primate shelter in Egypt and destroyed a Gen-Sys lab- causing citywide chaos, Authorites were unable to contain them and the apes escaped.

This will massively slow down cure research for the time being and it is extremely recommended that you spread your disease right then.

Eventually another pop-up will read that will say 

Headline: Gen-Sys lab slows cure research.

Pop-up description: Gen-Sys confirms that its main lab was destroyed during the Ape Escape. However, over labs are being set up and new apes will be captured in order to continue cure research.
Then cure research will come back at a rapid pace. This can be countered by if you have intelligent apes in the given country they are experimenting on for cure purposes and the ape rampage ability.

You will have to keep using the ape rampage special ability over and over again to keep research progress at a somewhat slow rate. (At least for the simian flu rate it normally would be)

Eventually they will start to move their research labs to other places. I would recommend you evolve organised travel and logistics and move the apes to the given locations that they are experimenting on the apes.Then use the ape rampage special ability to slow down cure research. If intelligent apes are already in the location they are experimenting in just use ape rampage on the country that Gen-Sys is experimenting on.

  • Apes are mostly used just for spreading the virus to humans with the Hominidae Bridge transmission or destroying Gen-Sys research labs with ape rampage.
  • The special ability that the simian flu has called Travel is similar to the necroa virus Zombie Horde active ability. Although this time it is transporting apes instead of zombies.
  • The symptoms neuro-enhancement 1, neuro-enhancement 2, and neuro-enhancement 3 all seem to increase research speed. This would make sense as the description says it increases intelligence in humans.
  • The total brain death symptom can be evolved by evolving neuro-enhancement 1, neuro-enhancement 2, and neuro-enhancement 3. It would be noted that the symptoms before hand increase cure research so it is highly recommended you do not evolve them before every country is infected.
  • For some reason, there is no enviromental hardening gene for the simian flu. It could be that it was made in the lab and just did not have the evolutionary potential yet to evolve it. 
  • For some reason, not everyone has to be killed to win the game. It is unknown why this is so. Possibly, due to the fact that even if they get a cure humanity is still outnumbered.
  • It spreads even slower then the necroa virus. This is actually true to the movie due to the fact that it took 10 years for the virus to spread according to canon. (According to Simianflu.com)
  • The simian flu kills slow at the end unless massive amount of symptoms are evolved. This is like the Nipah Virus scenario.
  • The combos that I have seen are Rude Awakening and a couple of others.
 Those are the following I have noticed. Again, I would like to repeat that this is not a strategy guide but it is just general tips for both people and staff so they can make strategy guides or make their own guides and experiment with the new plague type.


  1. Win condition is more intelligent apes than humans. I've found this very handy, as it means I don't need to worry about infecting fricking Greenland.

  2. This isn't exactly true, there are only 600k apes and you can win at 1.5 million people remaining but I'd guess it's something along those lines.

  3. Oohh.. thats even better. Greenland and Iceland!