Simian Flu Normal Difficulty

This guide works for Casual and Normal difficulty. I have not tested this guide in Brutal yet.

ATP boost for starting DNA
Leadership for decreased Ability costs (probably not necessary, don't worry if you don't have)
Aerocyte because we will be starting in Saudi Arabia
Extremophile/Xerophile because we want to get the disease all over. Extremophile gives a boost in every region and Xerophile helps you get it out of Saudi Arabia faster.
ATP Overdose because this increases our starting DNA by a ton (15) and that we won't be devolving anything. (If you are wondering, the devolution cost starts at 24 if you use this gene. Also, this is probably not necessary either.)

We are starting in Saudi Arabia because we want to get the infection all over. We will evolve Homindae Bridge so humans can infect apes. We can send apes from anywhere and use Ape Rampage to destroy the GenSys labs. If we started in China, all the apes would be around Asia. It is very likely that there will be some GenSys labs far away.

Evolve before starting:
  • Pharyngitis
  • Sneezing
  • Epistaxis
  • Coughing
This is for some early infectivity and severity which will spread our disease and get us more DNA
Start in Saudi Arabia and evolve:
  • Air 1
  • Insect 1
  • Haemoptysis
  • Air 2
  • Water 1
At this point a popup saying "Disease Name" escaped from Gen-Sys lab will popup.
Evolve Simian NeuroGenesis to destroy the Gen-Sys lab

For further infectivity evolve:
  • Drug 1
  • Cold 1
  • Fomites 1
  • Blood 1
  • Homindae Bridge
This will help us get more people/apes infected

The Abilities unlocked after Simian Neurogenesis are really important. Organized Travel is for getting apes to locations to form a colony or to use Ape Rampage to destroy GenSys labs
Evolve Ape Rampage, Primal Hunt, Organized Travel, Logistics, Seafaring
Send Apes to any countries with research facilities and use Ape Rampage
Continue doing this throughout the whole game to slow down research
Evolve Ape Colonies and make a colony in Saudi Arabia, Sudan, East Africa, Indonesia and Central Africa once there are apes in those countries. Evolve Cognitive Shift and Education

We still need to get more people infected so evolve
  • Water 2
  • Cold 2
  • Drug 2
  • Blood 2
  • Extreme Haemoaersol
If you are unlucky with mutations you'll probably have some uninfected countries that have closed ports. If they don't have many people (Iceland and Greenland), just ignore them. Otherwise, send apes to that country from a country that has quite a few apes (try to avoid sending apes from countries that have colonies.)
Spend your DNA over 40 on transmissions that will help the countries that you are having problems infecting. If Iceland becomes extremely problematic, keep on waiting. You do not have to kill everyone. 1 million people left over is fine. 

To increase lethality, evolve Neuro-enhancement 1/2/3. If you do not feel like you have enough infectivity, evolve more lethal symptoms. Otherwise evolve Genetic Hardening 1 and get Genetic Reshuffle 1/2.

Once there are only around 1 million people left, a popup will appear saying "Disease Name" creates planet of the apes.

If you are having trouble, farm all of the Simian Flu genes (Adrenal Surge not necessary) using this Guide:
Simian Flu Gene Farming Guide

Another Normal Difficulty guide is available here: 


  1. Quick question; How do you unlock ATP Overdose? I mean what plauge and what difficulty should I farm.

  2. actually you have to farm simian flu and complete them on any difficulty (casual recommended) to unlock the genes for the simian flu :)

  3. This isn't working for me