Plague Inc.[Submitted Guide] General Gene-Farming Guide

This guide has been written and submitted by "Plague Inc. for game"(seriously, it's what they put in the credits-to section)

Spicy's Comments: If you're new to Plague Inc. you might not have genes unlocked yet. Genes are a big help in harder difficulties, especially mega-brutal. This guide submitted by Plague Inc. for game will help you easily unlock every possible gene available for basic plagues.

This guide is pretty short and very straight-forward. Please comment and give feedback for its improvement

It is highly recommended to start a a game with Bacteria on Casual difficulty

No Genes needed.

Step 1:
Pick India.
Step 2:
Wait for DNA points to add up to about 60.
Step 3:
Buy Water 1 & 2
Buy Air 1 & 2
Step 4:
Wait for DNA points to add up to about 40.
Buy Drug Resistance 1.
Buy Cold Resistance 1 & 2.
Step 5:
Wait till all are infected.
Step 6.
Kill all. (Symptoms include, Coma, Dysentery, Pulmonary Fibrosis, Necrosis, Total Organ Failure, and Insanity.

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  1. Yeah, I created this guide, I'm a little embarresed.... qq.