Plague Inc.[Submitted Guide] Simian Flu Mega-Brutal Guide

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Spicy's Comments: I'm still experimenting on my own strategy for the Simian Flu in brutal and mega-brutal difficulty. Thanks to everyone who has submitted and commented their own guides! Please comment and give feedback for this guide for its improvement.

Simian Flu Mega-Brutal Guide by wab

Okay guys, here's my mega brutal guide for simian flu. I've been wrong about being aggressive early, as most of the other guides here,patience is the key. I'm gonna post my guide because so far it has 100% win rate 7/7 games, with 5 bios each.So here we go
  • Atp boost
  • Aquacyte
  • lon surge
  • leadership
  • extremophile.
Genes that are important for this strat are surge, leadership and atp boost,you will soon see why.

Starting country-choose between east, west or central Africa, China, Indonesia or India. You get the idea, a country with lots of monkeys because we're gonna be farming like crazy. Moving on:
  • Photophobia
  • Rash
  • Joint pain
This way infectivity goes to almost zero, which gives us much more time for saving DNA for later. In some of the games I devolved rash, in some i didn't, couldn't see much of a difference so it's a matter of personal choice.
Simian neuro-genesis
Ape colonies
Create colony in starting country.
Inter-genus dissemination 1/2
All ape transmissions except hominidae bridge.
Cognitive shift, Education, Social cohesion, Primal awareness, War paint, Covert expertise, Organised travel, Logistics, Seafaring, Ape rampage.

Move apes from some countries with low ape population to the North and South America, Australia, Japan, Madagascar, New guinea and New Zealand /Greenland and Iceland it's once again up to personal choice.

Next step is creating 6-7 colonies in listed above countries+Sudan.

Drug and Cold Resistance 1/2,Genetic hardening 1/2.

Now it's time for saving dna.Once you feel you have enough(for me that usually 300+) go for:
  • hominidae bridge 
  • bat 1/2
  • water 1/2
  • insect 1/2 
+ every non highly lethal symptom(I forgot to say we are devolving everything that mutates until we are spotted).

Wait until almost everything is infected, while farming DNA, destroying labs and avoiding planes. Then evolve as many lethal symptoms you can(by the time haemorrhagic shock wiil cost something like 160-180, so don't expect high lethality)

Next you can go for re-shuffles or more lethal symptoms,depending on cure progress.

So that's it. It's pretty much the same as Jacob's mega brutal guide.

Feel free to add this to other one/the part with photophobia and joint pain/and excuse my english:-)
I don't really understand this final sentence, so I decided to just include it here if ever wab wants to explain it.


  1. "Feel free to add this to other one/the part with photophobia and joint pain/and excuse my english:-)
    I don't really understand this final sentence, so I decided to just include it here if ever wab wants to explain it."

    Since this and the website strategy are very similliar (with the exception of a few small twists, the most important ones being evolving photophobia and joint paint at the very beggining and devolving every single other symptom that mutates 'till you release the homonidae bridge), I think that he wanted to mean that you can add this small twists (mostly the photophobia and joint pain part at the beggining) to the main website guide

    Btw, I think that the best way to play this plague is mixing the two guides (at the beggining I think it is better to devolve any symptom that mutates and evolve joint paint/photophobia straigh away while I would rather use water, air, bioaerosol, blood and haemoaerosol than evolving mainly lethal symptoms than using insect, bat, water and non-lethal symptoms to infect the world)

  2. blood and haemoaerosol then*

  3. Exactly,that is what i was trying to say.Water,air and blood works just as well ,but i prefer transmisions that increase mutation chance,cuz one or two mutated symtoms will save alot of dna that can be used for reshuflles.Like i said its really a matter of personal choise.
    Anyway,the bad thing is that there is no way to get three bios in scenarios using those strategies.

  4. Didn't even work on casual ;(

  5. I'm having a lot of trouble with the constant mutations. It doesn't take long for devolving symptoms to become so expensive that I spend all my DNA devolving.

  6. I cannot beat this at all on mega brutal. Ive used this guide and another from this site. I feel like im following them to a "T" and i used this site for all of the other mega brutal guides, and they all worked on the first try for me. WTH am i missing?

  7. i know, what i did is that i didint evolve inter-genus preventing mutates, and didnt expend dna on sympthomps, instead i put them in abilities (preventing cure and cold resistance), evolve air 1 or water 1 only if a sterilization update comes up, created like 6 colonies in africa and once all apes (or almost all) evolve hominadea bridge (hopefully the disease was already on a america) if not use the travel ability, by now only some islands would be uninfected (use travel ability again), then evolve inter genus and everything related and the missing infecting symthomps, only tested once and i got 5/5 biohazards in more than 1800 days