Card Wars: Quest 1


Note: This is not the tutorial page. For information on the basic information of the game click here. For a link for links to all other guides click here. (Pages Coming Soon)

Card Wars Full Map

   Welcome to Card Wars! This game takes long periods of time to be able to get to level 120 but I know that you will be able to do it if you put enough time into upgrading all of your cards and ranking up. Overall, it should be a fun game if you know what you are doing. I would highly recommend you do not waste your gems on reshuffles and I would highly recommend you visit the guide before you start your journey into the Land of Ooo. Don't worry the game is mathmatical! I would highly recommend you watch the Adventure Time episode Card Wars first. I will have a link where you can buy the episode at the bottom of this page.

   It is one of the best Adventure Time episodes in an awesome show that you can watch with your kids or your parents. Anyway just don't turn evil like Jake the Dog did for the episode. So lets go on to the guide.

Finn The Human And Jake The Dog Playing Card Wars

   Finn The Human is your enemy for this level and is the first opponent for the game. He has in this level 15 health. His special attack focuses on giving himself 2 extra magic points for one turn every 5 turns. As you start off with Jake at the beginning I would recommend using the special ability of Jake to strengthen your corn cards to win easier.

Heart Cost: 

   It costs one heart to play. Overall, this is the cheapest heart cost to my knowledge that you get in the game so it means that it can be played many amounts of times before you have to "recharge".

   You can get the 1st star by basically simply playing as it is extremely easy as it is the first level of the game. Simply putting your cards down and tapping the spin wheel and hitting it at the right time is basically all you need to do so this is basically the easiest star to get in the game. Just win and you get the star.

   Note #1: Having to win once will always be the first star you have to get.
   Note #2: The spin wheel will also get faster from here on out.
   Note #3: Basically is the games' version of a tutorial.
   Note #4: The first level in the game.
2 Stars

In-Game Description: Beat The Opponent In 5 Turns Or Less

   All you have to do here is beat your opponent in under 5 turns. I usually just come back as getting to higher levels and getting better cards is extremely easy and you can just simply come back later with no penalty. Overall, this might still be a challenge early in game so I would wait.

3 Stars

In-Game Description: Beat the Opponent Only Using Corn Cards

   This is the last one you will have to do simply for the fact that at the beginning of the game you will not have enough corn cards to pull a winning game off. It is to note that using spells, buildings, and rainbow cards will not allow you to get the star so do not use it. It is okay for you to use however them as placeholders as long as you do not use the cards themselves.

Corn Dome Card

 Note #6: The corn dome does not count as a corn card due to the fact that it is a rainbow card despite the name. This causes confusion among players due to the simple fact that in-game it never defines exactly what a corn card is.

Loot Drops

The Corn Dome

Corn Dome Card

   This level only drops the corn dome. At this point in the game it is extremely useful as most cards have very low attack and defensive so it helps very much. It also helps that it only costs 1 magic point to use. Overall, this is a nice little start for the game and I used Jake the Dog's special ability with this in the very early game and it helped a ton. I can also use it to get higher level and better cards later in the game which you can get by using the crafting area. Although it is to note that it destroys the cards. 
   Overall, I would highly recommend you add this card to your deck early in the game. Although, it doesn't help a lot after then. Over it definitely helps. I will also note that it is the only card that can be dropped in this level.

This should be able to get an easy win and 3 stars as it is the first level! Read on below to see picture sources and the list of of other levels. Happy spicy gaming!

Other Levels

(In Progress)


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