Minitroopers: Recruitment

Need more recruits for your minitroopers army? Exchange army links here and boost your raid power and daily coins! I'll also be participating in it!


To make sure that this recruitment page is as orderly as possible, please follow these rules. (Subject to change)
  1. Up-vote the person that has successfully given you a recruit and do the same for them.
  2. Remember to state the name of your recruit, so we could easily find them in history.
  3. Do NOT spam your army link.
  4. Down-vote people who have not returned you the favor of providing recruits.
  5. Sort the comments out as "Best First" to be able to see who successfully exchanges links.

That's about it. More rules could be added as time goes by.


  1. http://le-spicymeat.minitroopers.com/

    Reply with your made recruit's army name, then your main army for me to provide recruits for you as well.

    Remember to up-vote this comment once We've successfully exchange recruits!

  2. To easily get recruits, follow this for replies.

    (Made Recruit's name)

    (Your main army link)

    I'll reply to your reply (replyception?) once I've made a recruit for you.

  3. Jonold-X