Godville: Remote Control

Part of the Series on Godville
   The remote control section of Godville is the only part of the game that you can use to influence your character but still is extremely helpful. There are multiple uses of it which are list below and will link to their respective articles as the controls and their effects are still pretty massive.

  • Encourage Command
  • Punish Command -Coming Soon
  • "Voice of God" Commands -Coming Soon
  • Send to Arena Command (Needs to Recharge) -Coming Soon
  • Challenge Friend Command -Coming Soon
  • Resurrect Command 
  • Miracle Command (Needs Temple Build Completed) -Coming Soon
   There is also artifacts which you can use for your hero which require godpower to use. They are actually not part of the remote control however even if they use godpower so it will not be included in this list.

   It is important to note that you should not simply waste your godpower on encourage or punish always for the simple reason that godpower doesn't tend to regenerate very quick. For example ignoring the personality effects for both encourage and punish it is much cheaper to do "heal" then it is to encourage your hero. An also nice feature is the ability to "stack" charges up to 4 times which is very helpful during arena battles. Do not worry however if your hero runs out of godpower because it will come back.

  Very nice functions which I use godpower on are the following commands. I would highly recommend you read the articles given above for the simple reason of understanding on when to use these commands.
  • Encourage (Using this over and over again turns your hero "good" giving increase health regeneration)
  • Punish (Use this in the arena to be able to kill your heroes' enemy faster.)
  • Dig (Use this to get treasure)
  • Heal (Heals almost just as good as encourage at 1/4 the cost)
  • Complete Quest Faster (Speeds up quest by 5%. What is the downside?)
    Make sure to make full use of your remote control! It can get you up to 5 golden bricks per day!

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