Five Nights at Freddy's Myth #2: Sparky the Dog!

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False Picture of Sparky the Dog
   Sparky the Dog is a rumor of a supposed animatronic that appears in Five Night's at Freddy's. He is fake. The rumor however has been spreading around and this post is to help put it out.

   Sparky the Dog is supposely an animatronic which a dog-like body and has a missing arm. He would supposely appear in the backstage, which would look like the picture given above. Numerous problems with this are apparent, if you look at the picture and you talk to the person who created it.

   Firstly, there is no camera or time given in the picture above, this would be highly wierd as it should be visible. There are many other problems given with this picture, including the fact also that there additional static in the picture, then is seen in the normal game. 

 Secondly, the creator of it has even admitted it was fake which you can see here. That being said, it could be possible that the creator of the game will add it in the upcoming sequel, although it has not been confirmed and at this point is speculation. The actual picture posted by the creator of Sparky the Dog is this.

Sparky the Dog "Unmasked"

   So in summary, just relax and know that you only have 5 animatronics to deal with. You will get your chance to deal with at least 8 in the sequel.....

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