Five Nights at Freddy's Myth #4: Freddy Fazbear Pizza Is Based On A Real Place

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The Myth: Freddy Fazbear's Pizza is based on a true story and is a real company.
   The myth is that Freddy Fazbear's Pizza is a real pizza place and is still operating or is currently shut down or something similar to it. That thoughts come from the supposed photo given above, it being on Google maps, and peoples stories. This article can be read alone or by sharing this with someone who actually believes it. This article will break down all the myths and peel away to the truth.

   Firstly, the first part of the rumor is the fact that Freddy Fazbear's Pizza is listed on Google Maps here. (Google by the time you are reading this may have taken it down, due to it being a hoax) That being said, a Google Employee or the owner of the store doesn't have to start up the Google Maps page. It can simply be anyone who wants to. It is a very simple process which can be seen here. Obviously, the "open" nature of Google Maps just as Wikipedia's open nature of editing allow hoaxes to "seep" in.

   It is also to note that the location of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza has changed over time with this video uploaded (apparently) by a person claiming Google Maps showed that it was in Southern Utah.  That is not the only Freddy Fazbear's Pizza! There are others are continuing to pop-up. One claiming to be based in Iowa and another in Ohio. There are also ones claiming to be in Illinois, Florida, North Carolina, NJ, and that is only in the USA! All of those stores use the same picture that is given on the top of the page. Did they make sure all of the cars were on the same side and made sure the buildings were too?

   Secondly on the picture itself, the letters themselves are not aligned properly and is almost definitely digitally changed. It also doesn't help that the same picture is shown for all of the locations as well which I explained above. Any whom lets go on to another reason below.

   Thirdly and last, there was a video uploaded by the account Peopleagianstfreddyfazbearspizzaplace which was apparently meant as a joke was taken seriously by various people. The video can be seen here. This is an obvious parody but I will give reasons why. The video was uploaded on August 26, 2014 while Five Nights at Freddy's was released, not shockingly on August 8, 2014 on Desura. The video was uploaded after the game itself was released. There are many others reasons why this is fake and this is only one reason and there is many more I could give.

   I hope this broke the myth of Freddy Fazbears Pizza being real. If you got any other rumors you would like to share with us leave it in the comments below! See you soon! Happy Spicy Gaming!

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  1. I'm look for find real Freddy Fazbear pizza and robots. Liked there real video game named Five Nights at Freddy's.Freddy Fazbear pizza. And i'll fix robots. But not now wait later. I need good work job.