Godville: Levels

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In the game of Godville your hero has levels. This article will breakdown what it does for your hero and you.

In the world of Godville there are multiple ways to gain experience. They are....

  • Killing Monsters
  • Killing Boss-Monsters
  • Killing Mini-Boss Monsters
  • Quests
  • Mini-Quests (Disputed)
  • Epic-Quests (Disputed)
  • Some Activatable Artifacts 
   Ranking up has several known advantages to you and your hero.

  • An open slot becomes open. (Up to Slot 50)
  • Your hero gains a total possible health gain of 4
  • Your hero learns a new skill (every 3 levels after level 15)
You are gain the following...

  • Level 3: The Ideabox with the very basic sections for new users.
  • Level 5: The Godpower Accumulator
  • Level 7: Your hero unlocks the ability to have a motto and have the ability to have sparring duels.
  • Level 10: Duels and more unlocked ideas in Ideabox area.
  • Level 12: Hero gains the ability to join a guild and you gain the ability to vote on Chronicles.
  • Level 15: Your hero learns a new skill and has the ability to edit the Godville Wiki. You also have the ability to contribute to the Guild Council and have the ability to vote on suggestions in the ideabox.
  • Level 18: You gain the ability to tame a pet and unlock another skill.
  • Level 20: You fully unlock the Ideabox.
  • Level 21: Your hero gains his third skill.
  • Level 24: Your hero gains his fourth skill.
  • Level 27: Your hero gains his fifth skill.
  • Level 30: Your hero gains his sixth skill and now buys 2 healing artifacts at towns.
  • Level 33: Your hero gains his seventh skill.
  • Level 36: Your hero gains his eighth skill.
  • Level 39: Your hero gains his ninth skill.
  • Level 42: Your hero gains his tenth and currently final skill.
  • Level 50: Your heal will now buy 3 healing artifacts at towns.
 The equation on how much experience is required per level is unknown. It does seem however that more is needed the higher you progress. It also increases your standing in the Pantheon of Might the higher your level is. It is highly likely that more features will be added as Godville updates. I hoped this helped you understand levels. Happy Spicy Gaming!

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