Plague Inc.[Submitted Guide] Global Warming Scenario: Neurax Worm

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A Guide to beating the Global Warming Scenario using Neurax Worm:

Neurax has got to be the most broken thing in this game. While the scenario isn't exactly tough, getting a 3 biohazard score using things like bacteria or prion is far too luck based for anyone's liking (re: awareness days, threat level increased, etc). With this mind controlling leech that makes you worship it, this scenario gets downright easy, even on mega brutal. The above reasons are also why I name it after my girlfriend (her ignorance is my bliss).

Now, down to business. With a 3 biohazard score in 4 games out of 5, with one being lost due to me forgetting how much of a pain Canada can be if forgotten about, this strategy got me a success rate of 80%. Bear in mind though, this isn't a foolproof strategy, and sometimes you just have to think on your feet. That being said, this strategy is far less luck based than most others, so lets get to it.

Couple of notes to remember:

  • Poland, Sweden, Morocco, Canada, The Caribbean and of course Greenland can be massive, MASSIVE party poopers if not accounted for. Always keep an eye out for these little shits.
  • This will be kind of a deviation from the Mega Brutal pattern of spending points whenever they're in hand, but at some points in this strategy, you just have to stockpile. And yes, genetic drifts do send symptom costs through the roof (transcendence is never below 67 when you get to the point of needing it) but don't get alarmed by that. Just follow this guide and it should be smooth sailing.
  • This is a rough guesstimate on my part, but for a 3 biohazard score you need less than 380 days and the cure less than 60%. The number of days is the deciding factor here, as your cure really won't cross 55% in even the worst case scenario (short of not having enough points for transcendence).

Now for the gene setup:
  • ATP Boost - For the invaluable head start getting Insect 1 gives.
  • Native Biome - Yeah. This actually helps tons. The biggest problem with neurax is just how slow the initial infection takes. Using this, that problem is history. Talking numbers, without Native Biome, at the end of 4 months there might be 400-800 people infected. With it, close to 3.5k. Win.
  • Trans-stasis - Obvious shit is Obvious.
  • Xerophile - Most countries in this scenario are arid. Russia, China, most of Africa, pretty much most of the world. Hydrophile may work, but Xerophile is better.
  • Darwinist - For the free chance of getting a free Devotion, Aggression, or even once a Transcendence. Got laid that day too. Should have gone to Vegas.

The Strategy:

1. Before infecting your first country, evolve Eggs 1 and Insect 1. Insect is really important here for its extra effectiveness in hot countries. Which is everything south of Russia.

2. Start with China. Arid and hot country, benefits from Xerophile and insect 1. Plus a slight resistance to heat from the get-go.

3. After popping the red bubble, get eggs 2, and WAIT. Wait until you get 8 dna points, and get Heat 1. Cant do anything without it, initial resistance or not.

4. Again WAIT. Get 16 points and get Insect 2. By this time about 3 months should be done and you'll probably have about 300-400 infected. After insect 2, at the end of the 4th month the number will definitely cross 3k.

5. Now to get this worm airborne. As soon as you get them, spend DNA points on Concertina Locomotion followed by Undulatory Locomotion. Then evolve Air 1, followed by Air 2.

6. By now, Japan, Australia, UK or The USA must be infected. To deal with them, evolve Drug 1.

7. Now get Water 1, then Air 3. That winds up our transmissions.

Now sometime while doing all that stuff, Trojan Planes will start appearing, even if you haven't evolved it. INFECT MOROCCO. Little shit doesn't get infected until the very end otherwise. Follow it up with Poland, Sweden and the Caribbean. Then continue infecting all islands using these planes. Get Greenland after the step where we evolve Environmental Hardening. During the remainder of this guide, there will be countries taking their own sweet time getting infected, particularly Canada, Sweden, the Baltic States, and a few others. Send a few planes their way to speed things up.

8. Evolve Trojan Planes 1 to increase their frequency.

9. Next get Heat 2.

10. Cold 1, Cold 2 and Environmental Hardening. Now would be the time to infect Greenland and watch it turn red in maybe half a minute.

11. Now keep waiting until the pop up saying that its been placed on the watch list appears. When that happens, evolve Genetic Hardening 1 and Drug 2.

12. Sometime by now, the symptom Neural Breach must have evolved. If not, don't worry. WAIT UNTIL YOUR DNA REACHES 120ish. When it does, go crazy with symptoms and hit-
  • Neural Breach if it hasn't evolved.
  • Cerebral Tendrils, Frontal Mesh, Immaturity, Mania, Obsession and Devotion

That should exhaust you till you have about 30-something DNA points. Again wait until you have enough for Transcendence, which will be a lot, and when you do, evolve it.

13. That's pretty much the end of the work. Just keep an eye on which countries are left to be infected and which are getting infected slowly, and send Planes their way. If you have any DNA left, you can pick whether to invest in a few more transmissions, in which case I recommend Rodent because it will probably be Sweden, Finland and that lot who are the last to get infected, and being urban, rodent will work better. Or you could use reshuffles to drop your cure down.

If this doesn't work the first time, that's just bad luck. Try it out a couple of times and it should work. Again, this isn't perfect so any tweaks you may want to implement, feel free.

One Worm to Rule them All.


  1. The cure moves waaayy too fast now

  2. Tried this about 20 times. Never get more than 2 biohazards.