Plague Inc.[Submitted Guide] Neurax Worm Casual Guide

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Spicy's Comment: Pretty simple and straightforward guide for Neurax worm on Casual Difficulty. Be sure to rate and comment any feedback you might have regarding this guides, doing so will help it improve.

Neurax worm .CASUAL only guide for Neurax Worm. 
You could use any type of genes.
Note: This only works on Casual difficulty.

  1. Start in India
  2. Then evolve Concertina Locomotion, Eggs 1+2, and Genetic Swap.
  3. Evolve the entire Trojan Plane branch
  4. Evolve Insect 1+2, Bird 1+2, and Rodent 1+2
  5. Evolve Undulatory Locomotion.
  6. Evolve Water 1+2, and Air 1+2
  7. As the Trojan planes come in, drag them to an uninfected country.
  8. It's important to evolve Cold 1+2, so the worms can rapidly infect the cold countries
  9. This is a good time to start evolving symptoms. Evolve in this order : Neural Breach, Cerebral Tendrils, Frontal Mesh, Immaturity, Mania, Obsession, Devotion, and Transcendence 
  10. After you evolve Transcendence, you will see a pop up that says infected worship ( Disease Name). Once you see this, you'll almost be finished
  11. Points will be coming in rapidly, so you should evolve more transmissions, abilities. Evolve Insanity
  12. once the whole world is infected, you will receive a pop up saying that your disease enslaves humanity.
Congratulations, you just won the Neurax worm on casual difficulty.

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