Plague Inc.[Submitted Guide] Shouldn't Keep Pets Achievement Guide

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Shouldn't Keep Pets Achievement

The aim of this achievement is to infect every monkey in the world with the simian flu and then allow the government to hunt and destroy all of them.

  1. Using Rampage once most countries’ monkeys have been infected will help destroy them faster as humans will take more drastic and violent measures against you.
  2. Activating Hominidae Bridge once most of the world’s countries has infected monkeys is great for collecting a sudden burst of points.
  3. Try and keep your colonies alive for as long as you can as this will help group all the monkeys together in a few countries, rather than be spread out among several.
  4. Attack countries currently being targeted by Drones to speed up the monkey massacres.
  5. Towards the end of the game keep an eye on your islands, that’s usually where the remaining monkeys can be found.
  6. You can use research stations to wipe out monkeys but be aware that the cure rate will rise faster. Remember, the less countries there are monkeys in the less research stations can be running at the same time so it’s a good idea to keep a few points on hand at all times so you can stop research stations from working on the cure.
  7. If you move the simians across large patches of waters fewer monkeys will survive the trip
  8. If you have the extra points, you can use it to group up most of the simians into fewer, more centralized countries.

Difficulty: Casual/Normal
Genetic Code:
  • Metabolic Hijack/ATP Boost 
  • Teracyte
  • Cortisol Sensitivity 
  • Adrenal Surge
  • Extremophile

Start in Central Africa.

  • A: Simian Neuro-genesis 15pts
  • T: Inter-genus dissemination 1 & 2 07pts
  • A: Ape Colonies 08pts
  • A: Social Cohesion 03pts.

Create Colony in Central Africa
  • A: Cognitive Shift 08pts.
  • A: Education 12pts.
  • T: Sebaceous excretion 05pts.
  • T: Cutaneous Transfer 07pts.

Create colonies in 3 more
neighboring countries as they become available for Simian transmission.
  • T: Submissive conception 15pts.
  • T: Excrement 10pts.
  • A: Organised Travel 11pts.
  • A: Logistics 07pts.
  • A: Seafaring 09pts.
  • A: Horseback Riding 11pts.

Move all three colonies
  • Alpha: West to Latin America
  • Bravo: North to Europe
  • Charlie: East to China

  • Evolve-
  • A: Ape Migration 10pts.
  • A: Ape Rampage 14pts
  • A: Scouts 12pts

Move monkeys in countries adjacent to a colony-
  • Alpha: North to Canada
  • Bravo: North to Greenland
  • Charlie South to Australia

Check your intelligent monkey statistics in the world statistics menu. Target countries where there are still monkeys who are not self aware.
Attack countries to antagonize humans.
  • A: Path Finders 13pts
  • T: Hominidae Bridge (for the red bubble points) 25pts

Build a few more colonies if you have the points.
At this point you will need to focus on the islands, once a country’s monkey population has been infected move them to the next island until every island is infected with intelligent monkeys.
  • A: Drug Resistance 1 22pts
  • A: Genetic Hardening 1 & 2 68pts
  • A: Primal Hunt 21pts
  • A: Weapon Creation 22pts

Keep an eye out for research stations appearing. Destroy them as quickly as you can.
The countries at this point you should keep an eye on are all the islands; Caribbean, Greenland, Iceland, UK, Madagascar, Indonesia, Australia, Philippines, New Guinea, New Zealand and Japan.
  • S: D/ Neuro-enhancement (if they have mutated) Devolve this!
  • S: E/ Photophobia
  • S: E/ Subconjunctival Bleed
  • S: E/ Subconjunctival Haemorrhage
  • S: E/ Blindness

Let the game play on, keep randomly attacking countries to antagonize humans into taking actions against you and double check you have gotten every island. Eventually all the apes will be slaughtered by drones and your achievement should pop up.

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