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blogger Hey guys!

I don't know how many of you actually keep coming to my site for guides, but I'm here to tell you that I will be continuing my Plague Inc guides. I am finally able to put some more time into guide making and because of mutation 10 and its progression tracker, I am once again all fired-up to complete everything!

Right now, I am at 75% completion and I'll make sure that I make every guide possible so you guys will get to 100% as well. It will be slow, but I'll get there--no, WE'LL get there.

So thanks to all you guys who continue to support Yo It's Spicy! Any tips and submitted guides are welcome.

I'll also be starting my very own YouTube Channel that will be filled with game content, so watch out for that. Just so you guys know, I'm very poor so the quality of the videos might not be so good.

Anyway, that's about it.

Happy Spicy Gaming everyone!


  1. Thank you for your help! I'm at 96.4% completion and part was thanks to you. Speed runs are what I have left.

  2. This site has been extremely informal on all things Plague Inc., and I'd like to thank you for that. Keep up the fantastic guides mate.

  3. Wow! you're extremely close to 100, good job! Which ones are you having a hard time on? I might just focus on those to help you out.

  4. Sweet, I am trying to get 100% progress on the game and I am still lacking teleportation, some speed runs with 5 biohazard, super sparrow, lava god and mr president. I am pretty sure your guides will help a lot :))))

  5. I completely forgot about this for a while (whoops.) Right now I'm mostly focusing on a highscore. I have got 33 million on brutal so far. I'm pretty sure you can get around 2-3 million on normal difficulty using Jacob Cor's megabrutal guide.

  6. Achievements: complete teleportation, super sparrow, lava god, mr president

    Scenario: 3 bio hazard mega-brutal on teleportation (my goal is to beat all the scenarios with 3 bio with every single type of plague, dunno if it's even possible or how the mechanics of simian flu work because it takes longer)

    Speed Run:Fungus (current record: 317 days; 3 bio), Bio weapon (cr: 304 days 3 bio), Neurax (cr 248 days, 4 bio); Necroa (325 days 4 bio); Simian Flu (518 days 0 bio)

    I think that you can get speed run scores playing in easier scenarios on mega-brutal like sovereign Default or Who Cares? but I am not 100% sure, I will test it and post what I've found out

    Right now I am trying to get 5 bio on Necro Speed Run since its my favorite type of plague (I am basically using your strategy for the unknown scenario, excepet with Teracycle, evolving less zombie symptoms and moving hordes non-stop from Brazil and Mexico to the rest of the Americas, Europe and Greenland, from indonesia India and China to the easten Islands, within Europe and Africa and from Afica and Asia to Europe, when I have plenty of spare DNA points I evolve more symptoms)

    Excluding Simian Flu, here's how I am in Scenarios (the goal is to get 3 bio with every plague on mega-brutal):

    Teleportaion: max 2 bio
    Global Warming (only managed to get 3 bio with Neurax)
    Shut Down Everything: only managed to get 3 bio with Neurax and Necroa)

    The rest is done with every single plague but Simian Flu (I used the Volcanic Ashes, Pirate Plague glitch to get ships and planes running free(

  7. Ok, I thought You've said the same thing on my comment sorry lol, anyways, the speed run scenario thing doesn't work