Spicy Spectates DOTA 2 PROS | EG vs. Secret Game 2 | Shanghai Major Upper Bracket Semi-finals

Highlight of the Game: EternalEnvy's Mana void on a poor ranged creep.

Watch the video here:

EG's Picks:

  • DARK SEER - Universe
  • ENIGMA - Fear
  • BANE - Ppd
  • LYCAN - Arteezy
  • DEATH PROPHET - Sumail
Secret's Picks:
  • LONE DRUID - Misery
  • DAZZLE - Pieliedie
  • EARTHSHAKER - Puppey
  • ANTI-MAGE - EternalEnvy

With EG dropping the first game of the series, they look to bounce back in this one to keep their hopes of entering the Shanghai Major's Upper Bracket Finals, whilst Secret look for the 2-game sweep in this best of three series.

Right after the 30 second bounty rune, Puppey and Pieliedie immediately smoked up and wrapped around towards the midlane to an unsuspecting EG.Sumail Death Prophet. Although the gank was wonderfully setup, Sumail was able to run away towards the bot lane while being chased by Earth Spirit, Earth Shaker, and Dazzle. Looking for the Roshan deny, Sumail juked towards the pit making Earth Spirit miss his rolling boulder, making him head towards a cliff instead. But this awesome juke eventually led to a first blood given to EternalEnvy's Anti-mage, a hero they did not want to get first blood.

The EG supports, Fear and PPD, made their move on the Radiant offlane at the 6 minute mark, quickly giving Arteezy a much needed kill on the solo offlane Lone Druid.

While EG's top gank was happening, Sumail took advantage of the situation and activated his ultimate to bring down the Radiant mid tower. W33 was successfully defending this push, even though he did have to use his ultimate. But a weird play from W33 happened when he tried to go for a Death Prophet kill knowing that the EG supports were within the vicinity.

As EG did not want Envy's Antimage to get the farm he wants, PPD and Arteezy managed to scout his whereabouts. With Bane's Fiend's Grip, poor envy didn't even have a chance to blink out and was pummeled by Arteezy and his wolves.

EG maintained their aggression, and with their lineup's pushing capabilities, proceeded to destroy tower after tower. Mostly focusing on the mid lane.

Secret were unable to stop the EG Push train, and give more time for Envy to farm up. At a critical moment during their base defense, Death Prophet was below 50% health with more or less 30% mana. EternalEnvy saw his chance to get rid of Sumail and quickly blinked in, but who would have known that the great EE-Sama would misclick to a range creep near Death Prophet.

After this failure of a play, Jacky Mao, himself, made the GG call. Making the series tied at one-one.

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