Spicy Spectates DOTA 2 PROS | EG vs Secret Game 3 | Arteezy Double Rapiers!

With each team having one game each in this best-of-three series, EG and Secret battled for a spot on the Upper Bracket finals of the Shanghai Major, neither team wanting to back down, and giving everyone one of the best games of this major so far.

Watch the video here:

EG's Picks:

  • PUGNA - Sumail
  • DARK SEER - Universe
  • SVEN - Arteezy
Secret's Picks
  • NIGHT STALKER - Puppey
  • EMBER SPIRIT - EternalEnvy
  • INVOKER - W33
  • LION - Pieliedie

With EG's risky pick of giving Sumail, Pugna, Secret were quick to punish this decision. Pugna gave off first blood on a Lion gank, with Misery TPing in to provide more right-clicking potential. Shortly after, Sumail was again ganked by 4 Secret heroes under the Dire mid lane tower,

Secret maintained their aggression, going up 12 kills to a measly 2 by EG at the 23 minute mark.

EG maintained their composure during this onslaught and was successfully defending their highground time and time again, giving Arteezy more time to beef up his Sven.

The game was a clear back and forth all-throughout, with Secret wanting to bring down Arteezy, and EG looking to bring down W33's Invoker. Envy was still a factor, but was making very weird plays.

Whenever EG tried to go for towers, Misery was always quick to force them to back-off and defend their base. Maintaining an absurd number of threes with his Aghanim's, Refresher, and Octarine Core. EG had a hard time pushing, time and time again.

As a last ditch effort to end the game, after Nature's Prophet successfully bringing down EG's barracks, Arteezy went all in and got two Divine Rapiers and began to march his way down mid towards the Radiant Ancient.

But the disables were too much for Sven as he was unable to land a single hit with this two rapiers, as Nature's Prophet was quick to sprout him up and make him useless.

After the rapiers landed on the ground, EG called the GG to this amazingly epic game and giving Secret the chance at the upper bracket finals. EG will fall into the Lower Bracket with the chance to come up to the grand finals once more.

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