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The 2nd game in this best-of-three series between Fnatic and OG at the lower bracket of the Shanghai Majors of DOTA 2. With OG losing the first game, they look to bounce back in this one to keep their hopes of defending their previous Frankfurt Major win.

Watch the video here:

Fnatic's Picks:

  • TIDEHUNTER - Ohaiyo
  • SVEN - Mushi
  • PUCK - MidOne
  • LICH - Net
OG's Picks:
  • ENIGMA - Fly
  • DROW RANGER - Notail

DJ's Bounty hunter started the game off by making Fly's Enigma have an insanely hard time jungling. Fnatic warded off two camps, and DJ blocked the hard camp closest to the Radiant Base.

First blood was given up by the Ohaiyo's offlane Tidehunter to OG's Vengeful Spirit. Which gave the safelane duo of Cr1t and N0tail a small exp and gold boost.

Although first blood was secured by OG, their midlane, Outworld Devourer, had an extremely unpleasant time against the Puck and Lich duo. MidOne and the Fnatic Support duo of Lich and Bounty hunter made Miracle's life miserable as he gave off three consecutive kills.

With the aggression of both DJ and Net, they moved towards the Radiant safelane and made the soloing Drow Ranger regret being there by securing a quick and easy kill.

OG weren't backing down and just taking the punishment, though. They managed to secure a kill on Mushi and take care of the responding Lich.

By the 15 minute mark, with Fnatic clearly holding an advantage, they attempted to take Roshan, but with only an Sven to provide damage, their Roshan attempt took too long and gave OG enough time to respond, causing the death of DJ's Bounty Hunter and giving up the Aegis.

After taking Roshan, OG were beginning to comeback from their horrendous early game and were taking kills left and right as Fnatic supports were caught off position. But one play from Moon, who overextended too much, to get the kill on Mushi, gave enough time for Fnatic to respond and counter initiate. Causing the deaths of 4 OG heroes.

OG, once again, managed to secure a Roshan kill, but Fnatic, although late, were very quick to respond and burn off the new Aegis and taking out Miracle, Notail, and Cr1t.

At the 40 minute mark, after taking Roshan, Fnatic pushed the midlane and began sieging the Radiant highground behind Mushi's beefy and hard-hitting Sven. OG successfully defended their highground barracks, while also burning off Sven's Aegis and making him buyback in an attempt to salvage the failed Fnatic push.

From this point, OG began to siege the Fnatic highground. Notail took point with his Drow Ranger while Miracle and the others were behind him preparing for counter initiations.

Although Mushi's Sven was basically full-slotted and also had a Divine Rapier in base, the amount of disables OG had were simply too much that he couldn't take down Miracle in time for his team to counter.

After a Die-back while defending the Dire Top lane, Fnatic were forced to call out a GG. Forcing the series into another game, which will, in turn, be a do or die match between the two teams.

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