Plague Inc: New Plague Type Revealed!


Well all of us have been waiting for a while know and the new plague has been announced for Plague Inc. It is been announced today as of 7/2/2014 and is going to be most likely the 3rd special plague. What is it? Read on below!

Simian Flu Card For Plague Inc.
   The new plague is the simian flu from Plague Inc. so I was correct in my reasoning when I thought it was the simian flu. It has been confirmed by Ndemic Creations when they posted the following around 20-30 minutes ago before I posted this article.

You can find the tweet by clicking here.

Ndemic Creations posted this message

   ​I am extremely excited to announce a major new update for Plague Inc. in partnership with 20th Century Fox. Get ready to infect the world with the Simian Flu from upcoming summer blockbuster movie Dawn of the Planet of the Apes! The narratives of Plague Inc. and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes fit together perfectly and result in an incredibly powerful new plague type for new and existing Plague Inc. players to enjoy!

This is a major expansion pack update for Plague Inc. The Simian Flu is a genetically modified virus created in a Gen-Sys lab. It has been found to increase intelligence in apes, but mutates rapidly and is untested on humans...
  • Experience Planet of the Apes on a global scale - See how humanity responds as you infect the world with a lethal, artificial virus. Can they handle a global pandemic while dealing with a growing nation of genetically evolved, intelligent apes?
  • Control communities of intelligent apes – As well as infecting humans, evolve your disease in parallel to allow ape-to-ape transmission and improve their cognitive abilities. Ape colonies will generate DNA whilst helping apes avoid detection from humans.
  • For one species to rise, another must fall? – Master new gameplay mechanics and strategies to help apes become the dominant species on the planet. Decide when your apes should rampage against research labs, move apes to avoid detection from military drones and use ape migration to prevent scientists from conducting aggressive ape experiments.
   The update is coming to Plague Inc. on iOS and Android and Plague Inc: Evolved on PC & Mac. It will also be included in the future Xbox One edition of Plague Inc: Evolved. It will be initially be available in English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese (simplified/traditional), German, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.
It will be available very soon :)

   P.S: A fun fact – when I was making Plague Inc. (as a hobby) 3 years ago – I was watching the previous film Rise of the Planet of the Apes and the end credits scene gave me a lot of inspiration for Plague Inc. (it features a disease slowly infecting the world) Crazy to think that Plague Inc. is now big enough to work directly with the film’s sequel! 

-Ndemic Creations

   This seems it will be harder to make a guide for this game as the description given by Ndemic Creations makes some of the situations apperently random and it will seem to mutate rapidly which may make it hard to make a size-all fits all guide and it may take some time to make a great guide for it so if it does please be patent if it does have to occur. 
   I was originally worried that it would be too much a mix between zombies as in the apes attacking the humans, and scenarios with pre-evolved symptoms but so far I would have to be thankful that they did it the right way and being creative instead of mixing up old game machines which would have been a very easy thing to do and would feel tired and old. So far I am extremely excited as all the rest of the special plagues have been my favorite plagues of all in Plague Inc.


  1. Can't wait to test this new plague out! It's also been posted on the official Facebook page of Plague Inc. https://www.facebook.com/PlagueInc/timeline

  2. Jeez. Simian Flu... That makes me turn my decision into action and say "bye-bye, 'till better times" to Plague Inc.

    And to other remaning games. ._.

    Damn me and my decision to participate in bet.

  3. But... Fuq dis. It's Plague Inc. I can't just let it go so easy. I NEED A CURE! XD
    So Plague Inc is coming back.

  4. What is the problem with it?

  5. Turns out I was right! :P

  6. Well in the zombies plague mode (Necroa virus) if you evolved cytopathic reanimation it would make the cure useless and not meaningful.