Plague Inc.[Submitted Guide] Ice Age Scenario: Bio-Weapon Guide

This guide has been written and submitted by askzy. 

Spicy's comments: Haven't fully tested this guide out yet, since I've been focusing on different scenarios. Submissions are always welcomed here at Yo It's Spicy, big thanks to everyone who has submitted their own strategies and guides for different scenarios and plagues. Be sure to comment on this guide for its improvement. Full credits go to askzy for this amazing guide.

Ice Age Mega Brutal 3 biohazard guide - bio weapon

I've had quite some hard time with ice age and global warming scenarios. My normal strategy for other scenarios was to use Neurax worm to quickly infect the whole world and enslave humanity. Basically follow this one: Neurax Worm Guide

That strategy didn't work here because the global temp change will greatly slow the infection speed and you won't be able to finish in time. Thus I decided to use one of the 7 normal types and evolve the infectious symptoms. I chose bio weapon because it'd provide the lethality I need to kill the whole world for free over time.

For Ice Age scenario, pick Bio-Weapon as the plague type. For genes, pick ATP Boost for starting DNA, Sympto-stasis because we're gonna focus on symptoms, Darwinist since we don't mind random evolution at all and they could help.

Before start, evolve Rash, Sweating, Nausea.

Start in India, one of the still warm places on Ice Age.
Get Cysts and Abscesses ASAP,
Then evolve Vomiting, Coughing, Sneezing, Skin Lesion

After Skin Lesions, the plague will be quite infectious and will be spreading to other countries - time for cold resistance 1 & 2, and drug resistance 1, to avoid temperature and medicines that slow down your plague.

after that, water 1 and air 1 to spread the plague around the world even faster.

The next steps depends on your infection process.

  • If you think the overall infection speed isn't satisfying, try evolve Diarrhea/Dysentery/Necrosis/Insane. These are quite strong infectious symptoms and we are not really worrying about lethality in this strategy - we want to kill as fast as possible
  • If the lethality gets too high and is slowing the plague in new infected countries, evolve the genes to decrease lethality, or reset lethality. Be aware you shouldn't reset the lethality after 250 days since you may not have enough time to recover lethality and kill the whole world. Note that we're not aiming to release hell here - the default lethality increase is already enough.
  • If the island countries haven't been infected, Water 2
  • if the large rich countries becomes a problem, Drug resistance 2
  • If the arid countries in Africa becomes a problem, Air 2

After almost every country is infected, start evolve all the symptoms that boosts transmission. After everyone is infected, evolve all the symptoms that boosts lethality, maybe start with Total Organ Failure. Meanwhile, devolve the genes that decrease lethality.

For 3 bio hazards, you need to finish in about one year and keep the cure process lower than 60% or something. With this strategy cure process has never been a problem to me that I never need to bother evolving genetic hardening's or genetic reshuffles. But time can be a problem if some countries are infected too late or some island countries close their ports. Overall I've had about 50% success rate with ice age scenario.

This strategy doesn't work for global warming because I cannot find a good place to start... Start in India or China is too slow since both countries are super hot. Russia is too cold and the plague cannot get to the hot countries fast enough.

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  1. The neurax warm strategy for golden age on here works quite effectively for global warming, but change extremophile to xerophile and always start in Egypt. It won't work starting anywhere else and without xerophile.