Plague Inc.[Submitted Guide] Simian Flu Brutal Strategy

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This strategy is also listed as an alternative to Spicy's Simian Flu Brutal Strategy

Spicy's Comment: I have no idea who to credit for this guide since the one who submitted it forgot to fill-out the credits-to box. If you haven't unlocked the Simian Flu exclusive genes yet, click here for an easy strategy to get them. This guide will be using Ape genes to make the brutal difficulty much more manageable.

Simian Flu Brutal Guide by (anonymous)

  • The Simian Flu in Brutal is quite a challenge and to destroy Gen-sys labs to decrease research cure needs some luck as it can spawn anywhere in a country when your disease has been found.
  • Planes can't get attacked by apes so therefore you must move them if they are in a colony.
  • The Symptoms (Neuro-enhancement 1, Neuro-enhancement 2, Neuro-enhancement 3) will increase research speed significantly if mutated or bought because it increases human intelligence, not ape intelligence.
  • You don't need to kill all the people to win. Leaving at most 1.5 million people alive is good enough to win the game.
  • The more colonies you make, the more DNA you can get and also the higher the price of creating another colony.

I have managed to complete this on brutal but haven't tried mega-brutal.

Genes used:

  • Metabolic Hijack
  • Aquacyte (more ship transmissions)
  • Ion Surge (to be able to devolve neuro-enhancement)
  • Leadership (save DNA because abilities will be used often especially Ape rampage and Organised Travel)
  • Extremophile (for bonus DNA)

1.) Start in Saudi Arabia (remember always devolve Neuro-enhancement 1 if it mutates)

2.) Evolve ability "Simian Neuro-genesis" (Don't worry, your disease will remain unnoticed)

3.) Evolve these transmissions in this order:
  • Inter-genus dissemination 1
  • Inter-genus dissemination 2

4.) Evolve these abilities
  • Primal Awareness
  • War Paint
  • Convert Expertise

Then in any order:
  • Ape Colonies
  • Ape Rampage

5.) Build at least 2 colonies (1 in Saudi Arabia and another should be far away from the 1st colony) then evolve these abilities:
  • Cognitive Shift
  • Education

6.) Your disease can be noticed at this stage (due to random mutations that increase severity) so evolve these symptoms in this order (skip if mutated):
  • Photophobia
  • Subconjunctival Bleed
  • Subconjunctival Haemorrhage

7.) If less people are infected, evolve this transmission:
  • Hominidae Bridge

And watch the intelligent apes infect the countries they are in.

8.) Evolve this ability:
  • Organised travel
  • Logistics
  • Seafaring

Then you can use this ability to move apes to any parts of America (continent either North America or South America) and also to islands like Australia or New Zealand

Optional: Build 1 or more colony if you fell you have the DNA

9.) Evolve these abilities and transmissions in any order (Note: New gen-sys can start anywhere so try and destroy them as quick as possible using Ape Rampage if they appear in any intelligent ape locations):
  • Formities 1 and 2
  • Air 1 and 2
  • Water 1 and 2
  • Drug Resistance 1 and 2

10.) Evolve some lethal symptoms....
  • Meningitis
  • Hydrocephalus
  • Hypocoagulability
  • Haemorrhagic Shock
  • Internal Haemorrhaging
..... and watch the world burn.
At this time the cure can be close to 95%. Evolve some genetic reshuffle to reduce the cure.
Also be aware of new gen-sys being created and try to move apes away from the plane attack.

This guide does not guarantee 100% success because gen-sys can be in a places without intelligent apes so therefore can increase research speed quite frequently.


  1. I won with a bit of tweaking. You also have to de evolve any fatal symptom early in the game, like hemorrhagic shock and meningitis. I skipped evolving symptoms and just let it mutate things like nausea and coughing and concentrated on transmissions that don't cause mutations, like air, water, and fomites. It's a slow game, 911 days, but I got it done.

  2. I have a similar strategy but with tweaks. Works for me every time, 5 star result with cure progress only 30%. Start with ATP boost to get a head start and first evolve up to Covert Expertise before evolving Inter-genus dissemination. First hide, then expand. After that evolve Ape Colonies and build 7 colonies: Sudan, East-,Central-,West Afrika, India, China and Indonesia. That's where the most primates are and they will give you a LOT of DNA to evolve everything. While building the colonies evolve the education, travel and combat genes. Move apes to Indonesia and Brasil. Next, Cold I&II, Drug I&II, Air I&II, Extreme Aerosol, Water I&II, Blood I&II, Formites I&II&III, Extreme Haemoaerosol. If and when discovered evolve from Photophobia all the way up to Blindness. Only now evolve Hominidae Bridge, usually only Greenland is not infected, so move some apes over from the UK. Then start working some more on infectivity: Bird I&II and Insect I&II. After that there's still enough DNA to evolve every symptom and one Genetic Reshuffling to keep cure progress 20~30%. Also works for Mega Brutal but with max 5 colonies (no China, India) and only evolving Air I, Water I, Blood I&II, Formites I&II. Tough and long game but doable, cure progress 70%

  3. I've gotten 5 biohazards quite a few times now on brutal difficulty level so I thought I would share my strategy. This is my first guide so it might need some slight modifications. Anyways, this is my guide to for the simian virus. I hope it helps.

    Cytochrome Surge
    Latent Catalyst (Cortisol Insensitivity will probably work just the same)
    Viral Affinity (Leadership is also a strong option)

    Start in China



    insect 1
    air 1
    air 2
    water 1

    symptoms will randomly mutate
    **but DEVOLVE neuro enhancement 1 or extremely lethal symptoms until the end**

    around this time they realize the virus has escaped from the lab
    so have around 15-17 DNA stored up to evolve simian neurogenesis when this occurs but try to continue evolving

    drug 1
    cold 1

    simian neurogenesis

    hominidae bridge
    fomites 1
    blood 1

    evolve ape colonies and establish a colony in china
    evolve cognitive shift and education when you can
    evolve primal awareness and ape rampage

    New labs likely show up in places without apes but you won't be strong enough to shut them down at this point so let them be for now
    Set up colonies in india and indonesia when you can though and evolve

    blood 2
    extreme haemoaerosol

    to slow cure progression: evolve photophobia and subconjunctival bleed

    evolve war paint and primal hunt and fight new labs if you have enough apes established in those countries
    evolve social cohesion and establish colonies in east and central africa, when possible
    evolve subconjuctival haemorrhage

    evolve organized travel and logistics to move colonies if drones are overhead
    control lethality of the virus until everyone is infected
    keep fighting the cure, evolve fever, coma, and blindness to set back the cure rate while shutting down labs
    evolve genetic hardening 1, genetic hardening 2, genetic reshuffles 1, 2, and 3 as you see fit while upping the lethality (the last couple million are slow to infect so devolve highly lethal as you see fit)

    I usually finish the game on brutal with around 60% cure research with tons of DNA to spare.

    **Possible tweaks include evolving anti-cure symptoms earlier and the timing of establishing colonies. you can also play around with starting genes but devolving is pretty essential for this strategy so avoid ion deficit and ATP overdose. 5 colonies isn't that many but those countries have the most apes and will yield around 10-12 DNA for each bubble popped.**

  4. Thanks for the tips, couldnt quite get this one to work right , had to use cortisol sensitivity for instance, upgraded combat and ape transmission skills first and made 3 colonys in east central and west, seems like the more apes in a colony the more dna you get limit to 12... about to see if i can do it with the colony buff. Other then that used most of your guidlines really helped.