Pocket God Review.

blogger Hello there! Time for the 3rd Edition of my Reviewing. Today, I'll be reviewing a Free? IOS App called Pocket God. Well, lets begin!!

Pocket god is a sandbox, playground sort of game. Basically, you're the islander's god and you can control everything. There is so much to do. There's at least 47 missions varying in activities, and rewards. The good thing is.. There is no In App Purchases, No currency, the creators aren't trying to get paid through the app.

I'll list some of the activities you can do: Eat a Pigmy (The people), Cook a Dodo, Play Ooga Jump, Play the Runs, Play Pain Drain, Summon an Ice Monster, Find the Kracken, Battle the Gods, Get Idols, Complete Tasks, Play the Konkey Dong game, Summon a monkey, summon a gorilla, get bananas, trip Pygmys, Get Monkeys to attack Pygmys , give a Pygmy a shark hat, summon charlie, sacrifice  a Pygmy, LASER SHARK, Sharks, Shark Hats, Evil Pygmys, Throw Pygymys, Erupt Volcanos, Mutant Jellyfish, Jellyfish Masks, Earth quakes, Fire, Lighting, Whirlpools, Tsunamis, Tornados, Hurricanes, Rain, Sleeping, and more. Phew, but go check out that app!

So, this app is pretty cool. I'd give it 10 Shark Hat Pygmys out of 10 Shark hat Pygmys


  1. Why don't you go back to making guides for the scenarios? I trying to get 3 biohazard with every single plague in all of the and having some problems with shut down everything and global warmimg mainly. Also i cannot make a score of 3 biohazard on normal with Simian Flu in normal to get Super Sparrow, Mr President and Lava God achieviments. I think it would be better than game reviews and airplane/ships patterns

  2. I make guides when I can, I want to bring variation to Its Spicy, and I didn't make the Plane patterns. I'll make guides when I can.

  3. Not critizing this one guide or your work, I think variety is good but I want more of the plague inc guides, just posted this so they won't stop making them, the goal was to make guides to get 3 biohazard with each plague in each scenario and all the achievements from the beggining. Variety and more guides and reviwes to more games is good but don't them to miss the focus :)

  4. Ok, I made a Gene Farming guide, which you can beat Bacteria Casual in 300 days

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