Spicy Plays DOTA 2 | Safelane Slark | I Have to Win

After failing at my Nature's Prophet spam, I needed a quick win to recover my lost MMR. With this little slippery monster, I aimed to farm, then gank like there's no tomorrow. Hey, Sport!

Watch the video here:

Well, I was soloing the Radiant Safelane against a solo Phantom Assassin. Wasn't really much contest in last-hitting as I was always able to zone her out of the lane and harass her entirely. That space in farm gave me enough room to get some much needed items.

After I got my Shadow Blade, I quickly went on the hunt and roamed the map. Getting kills here and there. Luckily, team was always there to back me up in case my ganking situations turned bad.

Not really much to discuss in this game as it was completely one-sided. I had zero clue why the enemy team would want to put a solo Phantom Assassin against a Slark, when their safelane was against a solo Sniper.

Finally, as to why the Phantom Assassin took so long to put a point up in Blur at the early stages, I will never know.

Any tips for me to improve my game? Comment them below.

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