Plague Inc: Speed Run Guides


Speed Run Mode Guides
   In the video game Plague Inc there are multiple game modes. There is the main mode, the speed run mode which we are playing, and the scenario gamemode. It is also to note that there is also possibly 2 more special gamemodes that may be added in the near future but have not been announced or been named yet. Our Spicy team has made guides for the speed run mode and will be adding more soon. I would like to note that if a strategy has been improved or the AI and the game gets tweaked as it does in some mutations feel free to comment here or in the specific strategy page you been using to try to get and a new guide may be made or the strategy be tweaked by one of our editors. For example if you are having trouble with bacteria comment here on the speed run page or in the bacteria page.  That being said, I hope these guides can help you on your quest to get 5 biohazards on your speed run games!

Bacteria - Speed Run Guide for Bacteria by Jacob Cor | Spicy's Speed Run Guide
Virus - Virus Speed Run Guide by Jacob Cor | Spicy's Speed Run Guide
Fungus - Coming Soon
Parasite -Coming Soon
Prion- Prion Speed Run Guide by zephski01
Nano-Virus - Strategy Guide For Nano-Virus by Iamteehee
Bio-Weapon - Coming Soon
Neurax Worm- Neurax Worm Speed Run Guide by brent
Necroa Virus- Coming Soon
Simian Flu- Coming Soon


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